Surgery / Fracture Rehabilitation

If you have had an operation on a joint or had a fracture you should see a physiotherapist. We have expertise in helping patients recover from surgery and fracture.

Common post surgical/fracture conditions that we see include:

  • Rotator cuff surgery
  • Knee arthroscopy
  • Knee replacement / Hip replacement
  • ACL reconstructions
  • Wrist fractures - colles fractures
  • Shoulder fractures
  • Ankle fractures

Treatment aims to:

  • Restore full range of movement to the joint and full extensibility of muscles.
  • Help you to regain full strength.
  • Help to control swelling post surgery or cast removal.
  • Enhance healing.
  • Minimise scars.
  • Help you get back to work, sport or your usual hobbies safely.
  • Prevent problems later in life due to your fracture/surgery.

Examine knee movementTreatment may consist of:

  • Special therapist applied techniques to regain joint range of movement.
  • Specific exercises individually tailored for your problem.
  • Soft tissue techniques.
  • Splinting/Casting/Bandaging
  • Electrotherapy Ultrasound, Interferential, Heat, Ice.
  • Hydrotherapy