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Physiotherapist explains spine to patient with a modelEmployees who suffer an injury at work that impairs their ability to do their job should see a physiotherapist. Richard and Janine have rehabilitated thousands of injured workers safely back to work. We aim to:

  • Speed up the rate of tissue healing.
  • Get your employee back to work as soon as possible.
  • Ensure their return to work does not aggravate their injury.
  • Liaise closely with their doctor, rehabilitation provider and employer.
  • Provide the employee with exercises to strengthen the injured area.
  • Identify work postures/procedures that may be aggravating their injury.
  • Provide the employee with education in manual handling.
  • Prevent recurrence of their injury.

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WRAP - Work Related Activity Program

Our practice has developed a work related activity program. This program is suitable for:

  • Workers who have a delayed return to work.
  • Workers with high OMPQ scores/psychosocial factors.
  • Workers needing work conditioning.
  • Workers not responding to treatment.

Program focuses on improving functional activity level and RTW. The program uses a cognitive behavioural approach. For more information please contact our clinic.

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Manual Handling Training

Our experienced physiotherapists can come to your workplace to educate your employees in correct manual handling.

Our 1 to 2 hour sessions include:

  • Functional anatomy of the spine.
  • Principle of correct lifting.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Practical demonstrations.
  • Exercises.
  • Complete course notes.

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Workplace / Functional Capacity Assessments

Janine has had experience and training in performing workplace and functional capacity assessments while working for South Coast Occupational Services, a local rehabilitation company.

Janine can be contracted on a casual basis if a workplace/functional capacity assessment is required.

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Pre-employment Screening

Our practice has been conducting pre-employment screening since 1996. It is important that new workers are physically capable of performing the duties required. Pre-employment screening aims to identity individuals suitable to perform tasks at different levels of physical activity. The screen is a musculoskeletal examination aimed at identifying “at risk” individuals. You should consider utilising pre-employment screening if:

  • Your organisation has had a significant number of work injuries.
  • Your workers are involved in manual handling.

Benefits of Pre-employment Screening

  • Reduce work injuries.
  • Reduced workers compensation premiums.
  • Increased productivity.

How it Works

  • The employer contacts our clinic and registers their workplace for pre-employment screening.
  • The employer can then make an appointment at our clinic for new workers.
  • The worker fills out a questionaire and has a full physical examination.
  • The report is sent to a specialist company for evaluation.
  • The results are faxed to the employer by 5pm the following workday.

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