Tips On Avoiding Holiday Injuries

It's a geat time of year in the Milton/Ulladulla area and a great place to holiday with lots of activities to do. Our clinic sees lots of injuries this time of year so here are some tips on staying healthy and injury free this summer.


  • Always warm up and cool down before and after any sporting activity (including the holiday cricket Match).
  • Consider using a lumbar support when travelling. If you are away from home consider taking your own pillow.
  • Be cautious about attempting activities that are significantly above your fitness level (be careful climbing Pigeon House if you are an arm chair athlete for the rest of the year!).
  • When going on bush walks remember to take water and have frequent rest periods.
  • Ulladulla has some of the best beaches and surf in the world. However many injuries occur in the surf. Avoid diving in shallow water and avoid getting dumped by waves close to the shore.
  • If caught in a rip remember that a rip will eventually bring you back to shore. Try not to panic, concentrate on keeping afloat raising your arm for help.
  • Take the opportunity during the holidays to tone up those lazy muscles and to gradually increase your fitness. Exercise regularly gradually increasing your work load.
  • Above all have fun these holidays.
  • January 08th 2018

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