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We have been providing physiotherapy services to the Milton Ulladulla area since 1992. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality caring service to all age groups from children, to athletes in their prime, to the elderly.

Please take time to explore our website where you can learn about the variety of conditions that we can help you with. You will also find useful information and tips on how you can better manage your own health and wellbeing. Please check back often as we update our feature articles regularly.

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Do I need a physiotherapist?

Our health is our most precious asset. Pain that impacts on our lifestyle can have a significant and wide ranging impact on our happiness and our likelihood of living a long and healthy life.

Research shows that the longer an injury remains untreated, the longer it takes to get better. It is important to seek treatment as early as possible for any significant injury or pain to prevent a chronic or recurring problem.

Physiotherapists are experts in diagnosing pain due to disorders of the musculoskeletal system (see a list of Conditions Treated in the main menu). If you have back pain, neck pain, RSI, tendonitis, arthritis or in fact any pain, stiffness or weakness of any muscle or joint, you will benefit from seeing a physiotherapist.

You deserve the best care

Physiotherapists attend university for a minimum of four years. Physiotherapists study in depth the anatomy, physiology and pathology of every muscle, joint and nerve in the body.

Physiotherapists at Austens Physiotherapy have additional post-graduate qualifications (see About Us). We employ scientifically proven treatment methods blended with the art of healing and the wisdom of many years of experience to help you get back to pain free lifestyle.

At Austens Physiotherapy we emphasise a hands on approach. We use techniques like mobilisation, manipulation, massage and acupuncture to free up stiff joints, ease tight muscles, relieve pain and get you moving again.





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